Thanks to the organisers

I am posting this as a member of the Waltham Chase community.  I am sure that all the community will join me in giving a big ‘thank you’  for all the hard work put in organising the Jubilee celebrations by the W.I. (who obtained the grant to enable the day) and other members of our village that were responsible for such a good event.

There are so many names but here a few :    the Waltham Chase W.I. ,  Sue Rogers arranged the morning event in the hall and sorted out the photographs etc.  Steve Bridge and Sean Beech were doing the games.  Lynda Bezant, Brenda Cook, Nita Higgins and Sheila Fisher were in charge of the tea tent.  The band in the evening and talent show, was arranged by Jill Kirby. The arranging of everything else (stalls, entertainers, outside caterers, admin etc etc)) was Dianne Portman, Margaret Jones, Bridget Jones, Katie Shepherd.

I’m sure that I must have missed somebody but they are thanked as well.

It sure was a great day!

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