Litter picker report

Our dedicated band of Litter Pickers have been out and about this weekend clearing our roads of all the litter that has accumulated over the last months.

Lots of information about this activity can be found here on the website or on Facebook.

Thanks again everyone in the Litter Pickers group for all your hardwork!

We will let everyone know when the next scheduled ‘pick’ is to be, perhaps you could find some time to help keep our village looking clean.


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One Response to Litter picker report

  1. Andrew Archard says:

    Being a litter picker has opened up my eyes to notice litter where ever it is on every journey I make. From this I have formulated the following opinion. I would like to hear what others think too.

    This country is full of selfish, uncaring and dirty disrespectful people. Waltham Chase is only but a small corner of the county and what we collect, seemingly bag after bag of the stuff, in total is miniscuel compared to what is casually and uncaringly dropped each day. The Police only tacked 6 cases of litter in this Parish last year. It is clear to me Schools need to tackle litter as a core subject at infant school level and continue to do so each year until final exams. It is also clear to me we need to adopt a different policing strategy and by laws need to be passed so that wardens can be appointed and a public register kept in the Parish Office naming and shaming proven offenders. Only when the law is respected will the amount of litter dropping reduce.

    But there is a new menace which also needs to be tackled, and that is garden waste being dumped in our hedgerows. A menace because it threatens to block drainage ditches, because it contains plant growth that may not compliment the hedge concerned, and when large stones are disposed of, so it seems also the plastic buckets used to carry them. When we have green bags, and a recycling centre only two miles away, disposing of garden waste in hedges is pure laziness. The role of wardens therefore is not to hand out fines, but to gather evidence and to educate people, and if the problem continues, pass the evidence to the authorities.

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