A flower Survey in Waltham Chase

We did our annual flower walk yesterday and managed to chalk up nearly 50 flowers we could put a name to and that’s not counting about a dozen tall yellow things that we didn’t have time to stop and identify. also there were probably several varieties of things like speedwell that we just lumped under one name.

Ox-eye daisy, Buttercup, Herb Robert, Daisy, Forget-me-not, Sorrel, Twayblade orchid,

Bugle, Red clover, White clover, Dandelion, Mouse ear, Germander speedwell, Cow parsley

Plantain, Groundsel, Black medick, Dovesfoot cranesbill, Shepherds purse, Garlic mustard

Lesser celandine, Ramsons, Wood aven, Star of Bethlehem, Solomons seal, Cleavers

Wild arum, Stitchwort, Common vetch, Violet, Yellow archangel, White dead nettle

Nettle, Hedge mustard, Heath groundsel, White campion, Red campion, Sourthistle

Hawkweed, Bristly oxtonge, Greater celandine, Crosswort, Ground ivy

Cutleafed cranesbill, Bluebell, Milkmaids, Green alkanetCharlock

Common chickweed

Anthea & Jan

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