Census returns for Waltham Chase

The History page has now been updated to add links to the 1891 and 1911 census returns  for the village as well as the 1901 return.

If anyone spots any errors in the transcriptions please let us know via the admin@walthamchase.org.uk email address or indeed if you have any information of a historical nature e.g. photos or stories about the village.

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1 Response to Census returns for Waltham Chase

  1. Lorrie says:

    There has been much hard work and dedication on this website. I have not read all the entries on the memories page nor looked at all the census information in great detail, but will set aside a good afternoon to view all the memories and what life was like here in Waltham Chase. I also appreciate all the information provided re all our Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) – very important information in trying to keep as many of our precious trees in the 3 villages of our Parish as possible
    Thank you for providing such valid, vital and fantastic information.
    Mrs Lorrie Smith
    16 Ashley Gardens

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