WI May meeting report

Alternative Olympics for all ages, loads of entertainment (there’s a beer tent if it all gets too much) and for the cool people a local band TIMEWARP performing from 6.30 pm.  You have to be there!  Saturday 2nd June is your Jubilee Celebration so make the most of it for a great day.  On the Jubilee subject, I’d like to say thank you to Florie, our spritely lady of 90 years whose wonderful card is being sent to the Queen on behalf of our WI.

Our May meeting included the AGM, at which Dianne Portman our President was duly re-elected.  Her dry wit, laid back style and endless enthusiasm has undoubtedly helped the growth of our number; as she puts it “with younger members to move the tables and chairs!”  She summarised that “we’re a good WI and doing well.”   And as for Jan’s AGM Report.  Dry?  Not a bit of it.  But really I can’t let this one go for it shows the huge variety of activities we fairer sex have got up to this year.  And if it grabbed our attention it might spark yours, if you don’t know us yet.  We’ve had 7 speakers, meals out, skittles, quizzes, games evenings, trips all over the place, the jumble sale and events at John the Baptist Church.

Coming up is a trip to the New Forest Show and the next meeting is in Brenda’s garden on 12th June.

Did you know?  Our programme and any events can also now be found on the http://www.walthamchasevillagehall.org.uk website as well as the village website http://www.walthamchase.org.uk

Wendy Ingamells

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