Shedfield Parish Plans Steering Committee Report

The working party for the Full Parish Questionnaire submitted their draft for the committee’s approval at the committee meeting 19th April. It was approved with minor modifications.

Expect to see this full Questionnaire around the Parish before the end of the school summer term.

Either attend one of the drop-in meetings you will see advertised or request your own copy from

Many residents have noticed the creeping heavy industrialisation in the parish; either new sites on previously agricultural land, or expansion and change from B1 light industry to B2 heavy industry on existing sites.

Give us your views on this. We need to address this as well as every other aspect of Shedfield Parish in our Village Design Statement, if we are to keep the rural parish most people say they want.

Sitting well already in our rural parish the steering committee have discovered there are at least 260 small and medium size businesses, some working from home, and we would like these businesses to contribute to the Questionnaire as well.

We may be able to produce a Parish Business Directory.

We do not yet know from WCC exactly how the new Neighbourhood Plans are going to be produced, but we are sure The Village Design Statement and Parish Plan will inform the Neighbourhood Plan.

Pat Staples

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