BWAG Newsletter 34




  • Stopping Up Notice for Station Road
  • Sainsbury’s commitments
  • Public consultation on bid for £100,000 to improve the town centre
  • Request from Bishop’s Waltham Society for volunteers


Station Road

On 23rd February, the Department for Transport gave notice of an order that the Dept proposes to issue, which would allow the ‘stopping up’ of a length of Station Road. The notice provided 28 days for any objections to the order. This expired on 22nd March, and – as far as we know – only one formal (though very extensive) objection was lodged. We wait to hear the outcome. Otherwise work will no doubt start shortly.


Sainsbury’s commitments

Lots of rumours and misunderstandings have been circulating about what Sainsbury’s actually committed to under the Section 106 legal agreement and what was stipulated in the planning permission itself. We thought it would be useful to set the record straight.

The following are extracts from the Section 106 agreement:

  • Contribution toward proposed Cycle Path between Bishop’s Waltham and Botley – £20,000 to be paid to Hampshire County Council.
  • Contribution toward improvements to the Pilgrim’s Way nature trail – £35,000 spent as follows:
  • £25,000 to be applied towards the cost of gravel, board walk materials, preparatory work, disposal of spoil, and plant hire, in relation to the Nature Trail
  • £3,000 to be applied towards the cost of three benches along the Nature Trail, including preparatory works, fitting, and disposal of spoil
  • £2,000 to be applied towards the cost of dog bins and bag dispensers along the Nature Trail
  • £3,000 to be applied towards two interpretation boards on the Nature Trail, including preparatory works and fitting

[It is unclear why there is a disparity of £2,000 between these sums]

  • Ongoing maintenance of the open space areas of the South Pond and Abbey Field: £22,924.50 and £73,914.50 respectively.
  • Contribution to improvements to St George’s Square (including but not limited to the construction of a news bus shelter and the resurfacing of the square): £216, 648.50. The biggest sum by far!
  • Contribution to Town Centre Improvements (as set out in the Market Town Health Check produced by HCC and the Bishop’s Waltham Forward Plan 2011-2015) “applied but not limited to”       physical improvements, marketing and town centre events and a website: £75,000
  • The development of a ‘Travel Plan’ aimed at “securing modal shift by users of the Retail Store from the private car.” Deposit of £27,500 in case the developer defaults on the terms of the travel plan, and £15,000 to monitor and measure the plan.

Retail use restriction

“The Developer covenants in favour of the Council that it shall not use all or any part of the Retail Store for the purpose of providing a post office, pharmacy, cafe or dry cleaners.”

Stipulations within the Planning Permission

The following are stipulations within the planning permission:

05 The net sales floorspace of the store hereby permitted shall not exceed 3,255 sq m net, of which no more than 2,279 sq m net shall be used for the sale of convenience goods and no more than 977 sq m net may be used for the sale of comparison goods.

05 Reason: To define the permission and ensure any impact on the town centre is controlled in line with PPS4.

06 The use hereby permitted shall only open to customers within the following times: 8am to 9pm Monday to Wednesday, 8am to 10pm Thursday and Friday, 8am to 9pm on Saturday and either 10am to 4pm or 11am to 5pm on Sunday.

06 Reason: To protect the amenities of the occupiers of nearby properties.

07 No deliveries or loading/unloading shall take place at the superstore between the hours of 23:00 and 07:00 hours.

07 Reason: To protect the amenities of the occupiers of nearby properties.


Town centre bid for a Portas Pilot Study

You may have seen signs for this in shops and other places over the last week or so. Effectively, the town has the chance, along with hundreds of other towns across the country, to bid to be one of just 12 chosen towns to share between them a £1,000,000 grant – all to test the recommendations of the Portas Review.

Mary Portas, from the BBC programme ‘Mary Queen of Shops’ was asked in early 2011, by Prime Minister David Cameron, to review the decline of British High Streets. Her Review and its 28 recommendations were published in December 2011.

Her 28th recommendation was that her proposals should be subjected to a number of pilot studies and so the government has gone ahead with this proposal first. However, time is short, so it has been ‘all hands on deck’ to create a winning bid by the deadline of 30th March.

In order to make it possible, the Bishop’s Waltham Parish Council, the Bishop’s Waltham Chamber of Trade and the Bishop’s Waltham Society, (with plenty of support from Winchester City Council) have joined forces to create a “Town Team” (an essential ingredient in the bid). Part of the bid will be a videotape that will be posted on YouTube and used by government as part of the assessment of the bids. This will be shot over the next couple of days.

But we wanted to publicise the Public Consultation being held at the Jubilee Hall tomorrow (Tuesday 27th March) between 1.00 pm and 7.00 pm. So do pop in and look at some of the ideas and add your own thoughts. Even if the bid is unsuccessful (and hundreds of towns will apply) there is the Sainsbury funding mentioned above and possible additional funds from WCC and other sources. So here is a chance to put your ideas forward – sorry about the short notice!


Bishop’s Waltham Society and CPRE

We thought you might also be interested to know that the Campaign to Protect Rural England have asked the Bishop’s Waltham Society (BWS) to join in a survey to identify the local food ‘web’ around Bishop’s Waltham.

A local food web describes the links between local food producers, retailers, caterers & other food providers and consumers. In a strong local food web these different components are interconnected, dependent upon each other and mutually beneficial to each other. And so the concept of the local food web goes beyond simply understanding the way in which food gets from A to B, it also tries to capture the social, economic and environmental dimensions of these relationships.

The CPRE have conducted nearly 20 such studies across the UK in recent years (and BWAG used some of that research in its campaign). Now there is a unique opportunity to do a pre- and post- study before and after Sainsbury’s open their superstore here. This will be the first time this has been done and will reveal what impact such a store has on the local food production in an area around a small, rural market town. It won’t help us, but may provide vital information for others – or not! At least we’ll help find out!

But, BWS is looking for volunteers who might be interested in helping to conduct the survey. Work on it won’t start until May/June, but it will involve interviewing local suppliers and producers within a 30 mile radius – so perhaps some happy summer outings to visit farms and other providers. Don’t worry, BWS will make the arrangements and provide training and the interview sheets.

If you are at all interested, please send an email to Caroline Ford It should be both fun and potentially very valuable!


We will stay in touch………

The original Newsletter can be viewed on the BWAG site here.

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