Jan’s Litter pick – completed.

Collector: Jan

Date: 15th March 2012

Roads:   Provene Close & Gardens, Meadow Close & Gardens and both Clewers Hill & Lane

Amount: Not too much.

Remarks: New Road needs doing.

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One Response to Jan’s Litter pick – completed.

  1. Andrew Archard says:

    Sorry Jan I may have trod on your shoes in that the same day I took a black sack from Meadow Close to the top of the triangle, down the long edge of the triangle, from there to the Chase Inn and the Forest Farms footpath and fields. I filled the sack. Sadly I could not get across all ditches or into all bushes but I went back the next day to pick up what I couldn’t manage the day before. The litter has slowly returned and I have since filled up another small bag. Fast food wrappers,cans foil balloons and plastic bottles are the worse problem. The Chase Inn is particularly in need of TLC but I refuse to clear up all the mess around it. If it is no threat to wildlife I leave it. Hopefully the landlord will get the hint. I shall be out with my bag again this weekend.to cover the same patch

    Andrew Archard

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