Waltham Chase Litter Pickers

Waltham Chase Litter Pickers are a happy band of volunteers who are trying to help keep the village tidy.  Each member of the group is provided with a high visibility jacket, a packet of black sacks and a holder plus a hand held ‘litter -picker-upperer’. We cover the main Winchester road, the recreation ground plus all the roads in the village. At Christmas we met up at the Black Dog for a pint and a chat. It was an opportunity for us to get to know each other as we normally work in pairs and do not come into contact with the other pickers.

We usually pick litter only once every 2/3 months but with the advent of Christmas the village was pretty badly blighted by litter so an extra pick was organised.

We have the support of the two village stores who are trying to keep their specific areas litter free and also the village hall committee who now have a picker-upperer to pick up the numerous cigarette butts that are left outside the hall – despite the fact there is a bin for this purpose. Some streets have noticeably improved since we started picking so the knock-on effect is good. We also get quite a few positive comments and thanks for our work from local people which helps to make it even more worthwhile.

One particular bone of contention is the burger/kebab van which parks in the lay-bye on theWinchester Road– see photo below. The amount of litter after a Saturday night is amazing. The owner of the van seems unconcerned.

Anyone who would like to join us should contact garypothecary@btinternet.com

Gary’s number is 07946 401536

lay-bye on the Winchester Road burger/kebab van output

lay-bye on the Winchester Road - burger/kebab van output

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  2. Martin1786 says:

    You can also find out more about the litter Picking Group on their page here:


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