Memorabilia – Parish History Show

When you were getting your Christmas decorations from your loft, did you remember to look for your Royal Memorabilia?? Did you remember to dig out old photos of Shedfield Parish, or anything to do with the history of the Parish? – No, of course you didn’t! We would really like to have anything you have for the Parish History Show to be held in the Waltham Chase Village Hall on June 2nd. If you do have anything, please ring Sue Rogers on (editor removed). This event, along with the ‘Fun @ the Rec’’ ‘Alternative Olympics’ and the Evening Talent Show is being arranged by a group of Parishioners for their fellow Parishioners. Our aim is to give everyone a happy day of celebration,

We have a core of willing people but would like to have some more volunteers; so if you would like to be part of this event, please telephone Dianne on (editor removed)

(Ed.: if you wish to contact either Sue or Dianne please email via and the email will be passed on.)


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