Village Plan & Design Statement

Have Your Say – about Shedfield Parish.

Village Plan and Design Statement

A steering group with a committee has now been formed to
work on the composition of these 2 documents for the three
villages that comprise our Parish.

The Village Plan is about aspirations – ‘what would we like to
see in our village’, whereas the Design Statement will be an
official Planning Document to which future developers will
have to refer.

So it is important that as many people as possible contribute
their ideas, either by contacting a committee member, or by
coming to one of the meetings which we will advertise in the
parish magazine, or by responding to a survey which the
committee will be circulating.
This is a real opportunity to influence future Planning Proposals
in our Parish. If we do not have a Design Statement we cannot
complain when unwanted developments are foisted upon us.  I
would be pleased to receive by email any thoughts and ideas

The Committee members are;
Chair; Tony Cailes .

Secretary; Jim Coleman
Treasurer; Diane Portman
Publicity Officer; Pat Staples

The steering group members are;

John Clarke, Alan Cox, Harriett Gemmel, Linda Gemmel, John
Goss, Roger Huxstep, Mal Rowland, and Margaret Jones.

Pat Staples, Publicity Officer, Shedfield Design Statement
Steering Group.(SheDS)

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