News Archive Post 6

Trees may be felled in Chase Grove!

Posted by Martin Clarke, Monday, 18th October 2010 @ 10:06pm

We may see the last of the two lovely Monterey Cypress trees in Chase Grove soon!
An application has been made to Winchester council a reference of  ’10/02617/TPO’ to fell these trees.
How many more trees will we see disappear?

Support our Post Office

Posted by Martin Clarke, Sunday, 7th November 2010 @ 12:41am

Our Post Office is up for sale!

We must use our Post Office more! Everyone must use the Post Office more to keep our Pete and Cherie here!

Buy anything you can  think of that you would otherwise buy elsewhere.

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3 Responses to News Archive Post 6

  1. Admin says:

    That’s great Shelley. Thanks for your post. We appreciate the comments

  2. Shelly Arnold says:

    As the owner of the said trees I defend myself the only reason we had them removed is because they were dangerous! If you lived in Chase Grove you would know that in the snow they kept shedding their branches and as they were such large trees these were very dangerous! Then they even shed branches in the rain with two small children I was not willing to take the risk. We have replanted a nice replacement tree within our garden! If you want them in your garden I’ll gladly come and plant some for you!!!!!

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