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12-09-2011: Today we saw a dragonfly.
29-07-2011: Today we saw Muntjac deer, the first we have seen for a long time.
28-07-2011: Today we saw a Brimstone butterfly and the large Volucella zonaria hoverfly.
26-07-2011: Today we saw RoseBay willow herb and Achillea.

21-07-2011: Today we saw Plantago major the greater plantain – some with very large leaves, Horsetails are looking good and willowherb is adding a nice pink colour to the lanes.  Clovers red and white of all types are attracting the insects everywhere.

19-07-2011: Today we saw two new hoverflies – Volucella pellucens and this one identified by the guys at  the Hoverfly Recording scheme – Episyrphus balteatus. We also saw theHeliophilus pendulus (apologies for the poor quality photograph).

18-07-2011: Today we saw the Small Cow Wheat this is one of the “Species indicative of ancient woodland”.

17-07-2011: Today we saw a Gatekeeper butterfly on Redshank. The common Wormwood is growing well and nearly out in flower. The Ragwort and Common Hypericum are both adding lovely yellows to the fields and hedgerows; and lots of food for our insects.

16-07-2011: Today we saw a Southern Hawker  dragonfly,

15-07-2011: Although I haven’t been posting I have been taking photographs and been posting on FLICKR please see my photographs on my Photostream :

10-07-2011: Today we saw lots and lots of this hoverfly – marmalade fly feeding on pollen of the ragwort. We also saw the Small Skipper butterfly.

02-07-2011: Today we saw a ‘Meadow Brown‘ butterfly, Feverfew, and the Horse Chestnutleaf miner (Cameraria Ohridella) .

28-06-2011: Today we saw a ‘Purple Hairstreak‘ butterfly.

27-06-2011: Today we saw a Calystegia.

24-06-2011: I also post some of my photographs, of mostly nature subjects, onto Flickr; this started  as I posted some to the Springwatch group. Lots were taken in Waltham Chase so I think that they are relevant:

I also have been posting videos to Youtube of nature subjects in Waltham Chase, even before the start of this website, you can see them here:
Most are in 720p HD – you can also subscribe to my channel to be notified of other videos as and when they are posted.

Today we saw a Comma butterfly, a Small Skipper feeding on Small Bugloss and Cinnabar moth larvae on ragwort. We saw a small mallow,  ribwort plantain now in flower, and White Campion (Silene latifolia)

23-06-2011: Today we saw the Meadow Brown butterfly feeding on the brambles, privet in flower, Meadow sweet in flower.

21-06-2011: Today we found a Yellow Shell moth. This is quite a common day flying moth, it’s larvae feed on several plants including sorrel, chickweed, bedstraws, docks and dandelions.

14-06-2011: Today we found a Pollen beetle also know as the thick legged beetle, on our potentilla.

13-06-2011: Today while doing the ‘litter pick’ saw a burnet moth feeding on red cloverflowers.

04-06-2011: Today we saw Elderberry and Blackberry out in flower.

31-05-2011: Today we found an unusual spider in the garden, a ‘crab spider‘ sitting in apotentilla flower.

28-05-2011: Today we saw HoneysuckleFoxglove, the Dog rose.

02-05-2011: Today we saw Archangel, large burdock leaves, horse-radishWood Avens andBird’s foot Trefoil.

26-04-2011: Cow ParsleyVetchCrosswort, still some dandelions in flower, Germander Speedwell. The hops are really getting going in the hedgerows and the golfcourse has lots and lots of lovely daisies.

25-04-2011: BluebellsWood SpeedwellSolomons sealherb robert and lots of hawthornblossom, the majority of the dandelion field has set seed heads. The Hart’s tongue fern is developing well down Sandy Lane, Ground Ivy and thousands of St. Mark’s flies around (of course because today is St. Mark’s day).

18-04-2011: Today during our walk we saw Star-of-BethlehemChelidonium majusArum MaculatumLamium Purpueum,  & Album.

06-04-2011: Saw an Orange Tip butterfly today (my photos) and also Lady’s Smock growing in the ditch at the side of the road.

03-04-2011: Saw the Wood Sorrel in flower and the lovely clouds of Blackthorn blossom (my photos).

01-04-2011: It’s great to see that HCC are looking at our environment in their
Highway Verges Project .  I see that a stretch of Sandy Lane has been designated as a ‘Wild Flower Verge’. This is wonderful stuff.  It’s a shame that it has been spoiled by the need to have scaffold poles and builders planks to hold the bank up due to careless drivers.  These planks also removed access to the hundreds of miner bees that used to make a home there.

31-03-2011: On the walk today you can see all the blackthorn blossom bursting out. Soon there will be whole clouds of white down the lanes and hopefully, if the frosts don’t get to them, lots of sloes later. The cherries are looking great at this time of year, even the regimented rows of them in Robert’s wholesale fields. Rows of various pinks and whites.
I would also like to point out a great website for any nature lovers who like bugs etc:

Nature’s Place Wonderful close-up insect images there.

27-03-2011: On the walk today through the woods we saw the violetswood anemone,primrosescelandines all freshly in flower they looked great.  The cheery cherry blossoms at Mohawk cottages are glorious at this time of year and at their feet the lovely golden daffodils. Everything is starting to bloom.

13-03-2011: during a walk in the village I saw the first flowers of a toothwort plant starting to open. This isn’t the native Toothwort but somehow the central European version with dark purple flowers has taken root here.  I have posted a photograph of our plant here:  Toothwort

There are also the first  Wood Anemone flowers starting to open in our local wooded areas. Sadly there are quite a few squashed frogs on our lanes.

We have one SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) in the village and details of this can be found here :

Waltham Chase Meadows


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